welcome back welcome back welcome back

hey kids. i’m back. i actually have a computer….for now. it was grammy’s computer. she’s not using it right now so i don’t think she’ll mind if i do :) well i have too much to do today to write a real post right now….but i will be doing that later for sure. love you all.


oh my goodness! this computer would NOT let me log on. i’m finally¬†here. good day.


you know how sometimes you just have low self esteem? like sometimes you just do. i mean people are so nice…..but you can’t get over what YOU think? this is one of those days. and instead of working i think i would like to go home and sing my heart out. maybe learn a new song. maybe be better at it all. maybe right now i’ll go fix my hair or something…you know….for me. the only people i’ll see are my boss and people at the gym (yoga)….but i don’t need to impress them….i want to like me. and i don’t hate me….i’m just not feeling great about the whole package. maybe i’ll go pray and do something….wish my guitar was here….

this is hard

like this is really hard. i don’t want to deal with it. too bad i suppose.

i never put anything pretty on here. i took this about year ago. GOD is great. can i get an amen?

i never put anything pretty on here. i took this about year ago. GOD is great. can i get an amen?

got a new layout

i think i love it. also i’m up too late. i have to leave my house at 6:20am…that’s 5 hrs and 27 min from now. why am i still awake? unwise decision on my part. i hope sophie goes to school…really really hope.

i feel inadequate. i just want to be better….at everything.

hello again

i’ve been busy and computerless. i’m also carless. some days are hard. really. but not today. today i am feeling like…..accomplishing something….like something good will happen….not today maybe….but just that it will. hopeful i guess is the word. i think i miss….everyone really. that’s all. i hope this finds you well….if you even decide to read it…

you know what cleaning up after yourself is not?

illegal. painful. difficult. wrong. a sin. stupid. ridiculous. an insane notion. fatal. bad. hurtful to the feelings of others. crazy. mean. dumb.

i’m back…for a sec

so much. yesterday was my last day at east cobb. i held it together really well. ….not as well saturday….this past week was hard. i do like my new job. happiest baby ever. really. ever. my car broke on wednesday. i still don’t have one. none of my roommates are here. so i’m very stranded with only animals to keep me company. at first i was sad about that. but now….i’m not sad at all. gulf coast this weekend. i’m anxious, nervous, and very excited.

GOD, open my heart and pour YOURSELF in.